Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Listen Up Sissies

"Okay Sissies, your wives were kind enough to loan you out for my New Years Party tomight so let me make a few things clear! My guests are my friends and you will treat them as you would treat me! If a male wants you on your knees you get down there fast! If a female needs your service I expect your face to be between her thighs before she finishes asking!!! You may notice your wives with other men through the night and that's to be expected...they are are here to serve the guests!!!! Do I make myself clear?"
The sissies nodded but they all had their eyes on that nasty looking whip in her hand! Some were so scared they were shaking while at least one was already imagining the sweet bite of the leather on her bottom!!!!


  1. This is so special !!!

    sissy terri. xox

    1. I agree terri.

      Dare I suggest these maids are: Kaaren, Leeannne, Terri, Jo, and ...
      also I suggest kneeling service to be given in alphabetical order (teehee).

      Happy newyear gurls :-)

    2. Happy New Year to all you naughty sissies!

    3. Happy New year Kaaren.
      xoxo jo

  2. Would that one happen to be a sissy named Kaaren?