Wednesday, November 6, 2013

She Was Late Getting Home

I had been worried, she was much later than she had said she'd be and all my calls went straight to her voice mail, so it was with great relief that I heard her key in the lock.
To my surprise she wasn't alone! There was another woman with her.
"Thish is my sissy hushband Kaaren." she pointed to me. She'd obviously been drinking.
"Pleased to meet you....Kaaren." the woman said with a small laugh. "I'm Stacy, I work with your wife. We had gone for a drink after work and, well, things got carried away. She was in no shape to drive so I brought her home."
"Thank you Stacy, I'll get her to bed. Can I offer you anything."
Kaaren," my wife said, "I got truly fucked tonight! I got a pussy full of cum!"
Her friend looked shocked and waited to see my reaction.
I smiled a little, "Please help me get her into the bedroom Stacy. My wife dropped her skirt on the floor as we went and pulling her top up to reveal her beautiful breasts, she lay on the bed. Stacy was obviously embarrassed and moved to leave.
"No Shtacy...stay and watch....."
As she pulled her panties aside I saw the cum start to drip from her and I did what comes naturally.
As I licked the big load from her all I could hear besides my wife's moaning was Stacy saying over and over, "Oh fuck that is so hot!"

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  1. Would be nice to be in her shoes. But in all honesty I question what Superior Woman would ever want anything to do with a transexual like me.:(