Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Words

As she fucked their pool boy her husband sat stroking his small cock......she mouthed the words to him.....
"Don't cum!"
He nodded that he understood......she smiled....she liked that shirt....he looked so good in pink.....maybe next week he could wear her pink panties.....that was so hot....and a matching bra too....oh yeah she felt her first orgasm coming as she pictured him.....maybe she'd go shopping later......while her pussy was still tingling.....he would look so cute!!!!!!


  1. Oh're making me leak into my panties! ~sara

  2. i'm back... and they're wetter than ever.. by the time i get to Kaaren2, i may have filled them with sissie cummies! :) Hopefully you do, too ~s

    1. I'd love to but I haven't been allowed an orgasm for a while now.....she'll decide when I've earned one!!!
      Sissy cummies....sounds so delicious too!!!!

    2. Wonder how many of us have been in this situation? Watching for the first time or the 100th time it is always the same outcome, me sitting there masturbating and watching my Queen.