Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Bench

The bench had magic!!! There was no doubt about that but it was capricious magic!!!! All I said to my daughter was that I wished she could see things the way I see them and.....whoosh.....we were in each others bodies!!!!
As weird as the situation was for us...imagine how my wife felt!!!!
Every day, rain or shine, we went to that bench and I wished as hard as I could to make things as they were.....nothing!!!
"What about me?" she asked. "What about my life? I can't have sex with him because he's my daughter and I can't have sex with you because you're in my daughters body and I could get arrested if.....What am I supposed to do????"
I had only thought about problem.....not hers....and I wished with all my heart and soul for the magic to happen....and I felt a tingle....I saw a few sparkles....and then I saw Kent on his bike and I was instantly so wet for him......

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