Sunday, September 4, 2016

Just A Joke

"Hi Sweetheart....your friends thought it would be a great joke if they dressed me up as the bride......don't you think it's funny?"
"Hmmmm you look very pretty....I see they put you into pink panties too!"
"They said it was all part of the joke....I was going to pull up the dress and let you see them....."
"They're very cute.....and they made you up too!"
"They said you'd laugh....don't you think it's funny Sweetheart?"
"Sure Baby...."
"Ummm why are you wearing a tuxedo Sweetheart!"
"Well one of us has to....don't you think......alright've done a great job....finish getting him dressed and let's get this wedding started!!!"


  1. Its all fun and games until the crossdressing is permanent and then it is more fun than games. This is some thing I like to do with my Mistress and her girlfriends.

  2. Good morning k! Been away for a while, looking forward to seeing your latest posts. i think a few days of pantied 'edging' (and worse) are in store! sara (s)