Friday, September 16, 2016

Humiliated In Front of Him

It was so much more humiliating with her lover sitting there watching....
"I can't believe you make him suck your dildo like that!"
"Excuse me....that's my cock....he's sucking my cock!"
"Wow, yeah alright....I can't believe your husband get's on his knees and sucks your....cock like that....damn and he looks like he really wants it!!!"
"Well he wants to make sure he gets it really know that's really important!!!"
"Why is that.....oh my mean you're going to....."
She simply nodded.....
"In a minute or you want to watch me make him into my sissy bitch?"
"Oh yeah Baby I can't wait to see that show!!!"


  1. I get that red burning feeling that starts in my face and ends in my bottom when my Mistress wears her strap on and forces me to suck her cock while her lover watches. No better humiliation feeling.