Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sissy Training - Cleaning Up

To properly train your Sissy that he must put you above all his needs, you must immediately limit his orgasms!!!
Once he understands that cumming is a privilege that you can grant or deny as you wish you can begin offering orgasms as rewards for good behavior!
Soon any request to cum must be accompanied by a promise to lick it all up and the creative wife will soon learn that where he licks it from can add that extra level of humiliation that Sissy needs!!!


  1. Nothing will break you down faster... ~s

  2. Hi Kaaren,
    Very good advice coming from you as I am sure you were trained well.
    Denying orgasms is a very good training tool. The added feature is having sissy lick up the mess he made. She will begin to crave the taste of cum. This additional feature will lead to the sissy licking cum from the Mistress's pussy, without regard for who put it there.

    As Anonymous said "it will break you down fast."

    Ms. Judi

  3. My wife is teaching me to consume all of my ejaculate. I love it!