Monday, November 30, 2015

Table for Three

After I served them their meal I knelt beside the table!
"Sissy would you mind giving me a foot rub while I eat?"
I hurriedly slipped under the table....

 I slipped her shoe off and the scent, the taste, the submissive joy was intoxicating!

As her toes slipped into my mouth I massaged her beautiful leg and I must confess...I peeked up her dress to see a little wet spot on her cream white panties....I would confess this to her later and take my spanking for it like a big girl...but it was so worth it....

 I used all my skills to make her happy...I know what she likes....and she knows what I like...I could do this all night....

But I could tell her dinner was almost finished and she would need my service in other ways before the night was over but this would linger in my mind as the bouquet and flavor lingered in my senses!!!


  1. OMG, this is so sexy, so erotic, and so so submissive!!! I want to be under the table while you and your wife (or Leeanne) are having dinner. I slowly remove the shoes, and sniff the wonderful fragrance of those feet. Then I'd adore, and worship them during your meal.

    If your wife is in a kind mood, she'll then order me to suck your girl cock!

    Now that's a REAL Thanksgiving meal! I know I'd be thankful!