Sunday, November 1, 2015


I'm not often allowed to masturbate and when I do she always supervises! There's no stroking allowed but I've learned to cum in a different way! She says I cum like a girl now....and it is wonderful!!!!


  1. Oh Kaaren, this raises so many questions for me!

    Can you cum from having your ass licked?
    Can you cum from having your balls and cock licked (no sucking)?
    I'm sure you can cum having your cock sucked, would your wife allow that?

    Big, big, big question, what did you do with all that sweet cum? I hope some one got to enjoy it (wish it was me)!!!

  2. I too can only masturbate while my key holder, her sister, or my Mistress watch. My Mistress has taught me to masturbate by rubbing just above my clitty using one or two fingers. There is no gripping of the clitty. Usually they will masturbate as well and hearing them moaning and talking just gets me more excited. My clitty doesn't get hard so I cum in little strings or quick drippings. Once they cum play time is over for me and I get locked away. But their fun continues as I have a duty to clean them.

  3. Oh Sweetie, I know it is against the rules but I would love to lap up some of that wonderful joy juice you are spurting

  4. Oh my, so yummy! I can't cum just playing with my sissy pussy, but fill it with hard cock, and my little clit spurt every time. I love it!