Thursday, November 5, 2015

Do You Remember

Do you remember the first time?
The first time you were on your front of him!!!
The first time you reached into a man's pants and felt a cock!!!
Do you remember how it felt!!!!
Do you remember letting him into your mouth?
Waiting for you to begin sucking!
A million emotions as that cock, that first cock, filled your mouth, sat on your tongue....
Do you remember?
Tell me....


  1. I remember my Mistress/Wife helping me with make up and dressing. She told me I would remember this as long as I live. I remember she had me answer the door and take him by the hand. She watched from a far as I knelt before him, unzipped his pants, and helped myself. His words were encouraging, soft spoken, telling me how nice it was. Everything in slow motion as my mouth and tongue encouraged him to spray his sweet juices down my throat. I could see the smile on my mistress/wife's face as she heard our new master exclaim that he was "cumming." I never forgot that first time.