Friday, November 13, 2015

Close Supervision

She watched me closely offering encouragement and criticism! I so wanted to make her proud of me!!! I wanted to take him all....and I thought that this was my chance.,...he was big....bigger than me....well almost everyone is bigger than me...but he wasn't one of the really big ones she liked so much....she told me to take more each time and if I had to back off just make sure I came right back again....soon she told me...soon you'll have your nose touching him!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Mistress has always been known to be an excellent oral provider. I remember when she began teaching me her skills. It started with her strap on. She would encourage me and also let me know what I was doing wrong. It took years before I was comfortable trying it on a real cock. So many feelings the first time as I was dressed, and kneeling in front of a man, with my mistress watching every move. Hearing his moans, her words, and his cumming, and her telling me to swallow, over and over, caused my only caged little clitty to cum in my panty.