Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I was in the kitchen getting a drink when I heard a noise in the living room!!! Someone else was up! I moved quietly through the dark rooms until I came to the doorway! I was so surprised! Her macho lover was there trying to put on one of her bras!!!
I watched from the shadows as he struggled to get it on for a few minutes...his rock hard cock telling me all I needed to know!!!
Stepping into the light I surprised him!
"Would you like some help with that, if you've never worn one getting the hooks right can be tricky?"
"Oh...haha....Sissy I didn't know anyone was I....I was just fooling around...."
I moved close and reached for the straps and pulling him close I hooked them behind him!
"There that's better! You look very pretty in a bra!"
I reached down and took his hard cock in my hand and slowly stroked him!
"I've know....I saw looked so hot and I thought maybe I'd know..."
"Oh yes baby...I do know! You can come here anytime and try on anything you long as you bring me this nice big cock!"
"Please don't tell her! Let this be our secret!"
"Sure baby! Just let me take care of this!!!"
I sank to my knees and as I took him in my mouth I saw his hands rubbing his chest through the pretty bra!
Of course I would tell my wife! I kept no secrets from her and she would decide what would happen with him! But for now he was so ready to cum for the first time wearing a bra and that's special! At least it is for a sissy!!!!

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  1. Sounds like she is going to have two sissies at her control.