Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ask Me Nicely Sissy

"Your wife's panties are so wet you suppose she needs to be fucked good and hard?"
"Yes Sir!"
"Yes Sir what?"
"Yes Sir, my wife needs to be fucked good and hard!"
"Very good do you suppose she wants my cock....or that puny little thing locked away in your panties?"
"I'm sure she would want your cock Sir!"
"I completely agree ask me....ask me nicely to fuck your wife!"
"Please Sir it would make both her and I very happy if you would please fuck my beautiful wife! She deserves the pleasure that I can't give her.....the pleasure of having a big mans cock inside her!!!"
"Oh that was good Sissy! I'll help you out this time...I'm going to take your wife into your bedroom and do unspeakable things with her....she'll be my fucktoy for the whole night and when I bring her back to you she'll have my cum in every opening in her body!!! What do you have to say about that Sissy?"
"Ummm....Thank You!!!"
I knelt where I was as they walked up the stairs laughing!!!!!

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