Friday, November 27, 2015

I Don't Know Why

I don't know why, but when he said he wanted my ass I thought he had other plans! No one had ever done that to me before...I mean sure I've been bent over and fucked like a squealing little bitch dozens of times but no one had ever tongued me there before!!!!
Now I know why she likes it so much!!!!
I'm so glad her Uncle Joe came for the holiday!!! He was always my favorite!!!


  1. i'm sure it must feel awesome! sissies rarely get than done to them!

    sissy pet

  2. Kaaren,

    OMG! As a subbie I love licking ass, and it's even better if it's t-girl ass!!! My hopes are that by kissing and licking your ass (and feet for that matter), it will get you excited, then you'd roll over, hold your cock straight out, and push my face down on to it!!!

    Now that you know how could an ass licking feels, maybe you'll beg harder for your Mistress to get you a subbie?

    Let me know where I find the application?

    Footsniffer (and Asslicker)

  3. Oh I Forgot! It's better if you remove the pantyhose and you have your legs off the bed. Kind of like you're bent over the back of a chair.

    With your subbie kneeling behind you, and your ass high in the air, he (me) can bury his (my) whole face between your cheeks, and get his (my) tongue nice and deep in the little brown rose!