Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sissy School - Her Favorite Teacher's Wife

"Hey, you're Sissy Kaaren right?"
"Yes Ma'am, can I help you?"
"I believe you know my husband....he's a teacher here...Mr. Evans..."
"Oh yes Ma'am...he's a wonderful teacher!"
"Well I've come to understand that you're a bit of a teacher yourself! I believe you've given my husband a lesson or two and that's why I wanted to se you!"
"Um Mrs. Evans I don't know what you think but I wouldn't...."
"Ha! You're so cute! He said you'd lie for him, I know it all Sissy! I know about the secret dressing and more than that I know about that first night with the boys! And I came here to give you this!"
Sissy Kaaren was surprised, pleasantly surprised, when the woman grabbed her and kissed her deeply and thoroughly!
"Kaaren, our sex life has never been better and now that it's out in the open we've never been happier and we owe it all to you!
"Oh, I'm so glad you two are happy....Mr. Evans was always my favorite teacher!"
"He'll be back next year Kaaren but his name will be Sissy Andrea and he'll be a student, He has a lot to learn!"

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  1. I think you could probably get this approved to satisfy you Community Service hours toward Sissy School graduation.