Thursday, June 4, 2015

He Had No Idea

When he first met her he had no idea!!!
When he had gotten to know her a little better he still had no idea!!!
After their first date he gave her a small kiss and she had hugged him and he thought something might not be right!
After several dates he knew something was not as it should be!!!!
When she invited him in and they had begun tearing at each others clothes he found that her breasts were way smaller than they had seemed. her bras had been heavily padded, but thankfully her cock was all he had hoped it would be!!!!


  1. Home Run!!! Nothing better than dating a beautiful woman for a few weeks, and when you finally get the chance to pull her panties down.....there's a nice bat hidden there. That is a good date.

    Then when she pushes your head down on that baby, as your sucking her off........your date just went from good to outstanding!!!

    1. Joe I love how you always get to the root of things!!!!

  2. I found something hoped at the bathhouse last year... This muscled..tatted hairy legs, arms came into my room...when the towel got dropped...I dripped... Shaved vagina that I served til I was coated in his juices