Friday, June 5, 2015

This Is How

She told me she was going to let me cum! She had promised when I went back into chastity that she wouldn't ever make me wait so long again!
As she slipped her cock into me and slowly began fucking me she held my little clit firmly in her hand!
No stroking except for her going in and out of me! I tried to thrust against her but her hand held me firmly in place!!!
Soon I felt it begin! The pleasure moved through me slowly as she continued to hold she continued to fuck me!!!! It wasn't like a man cumming, it was slow and building!!!! At the right moment she stroked my clitty...once...twice and I came like never before.....over and over I felt the pleasure pulse through me as she plunged her cock deep inside me and I humped against her with absolute abandon!!! After a time that seemed endless it subsided but I still felt ripples of pleasure as she slowly began to stroke in and out of me again!
As she held her fingers out for me to lick clean she smiled!
"You like to be my girl and now you know what it's like to cum like my girl too!!!!"
All I could do was groan as she pushed into me....hard!!!!
Her hips began slamming into me and she drove that cock deeper than ever!!!!
"My turn now Sissy!!!"

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