Friday, June 5, 2015


Usually I'm so looking forward to doing this that I never think how it must look to her lover!
As I savored the taste of his cum dripping from her I heard him chuckle as he dressed1
"Goddamn, you sure love my cum! Maybe next time I'll let you just blow me before I fuck your wife! How a hot woman like her ended up with a Sissy like you I'll just never understand!"
He had hit my most vulnerable spot and she knew it!!! She pulled my mouth against her sweet pussy!
"That's enough, you go on and go home!"
She ground against my mouth....
"I love my husband more than you'll ever know!!!"
She was pulling my face hard into her....
"Maybe I'll see you tomorrow!!!"
She was cumming on my tongue!!! I don't know if he watched or not because I was there for quite a while and I never heard anything except her!!!!

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