Friday, February 28, 2014

Sissy School - Her Favorite Teacher

As Sissy Kaaren applied the finishing touch her favorite teacher held on to her for support.
"There you go Mr. Evans, I knew I could make you look beautiful! Your own wife wouldn't recognize you now! I knew you must be a sissy at heart just from the sweet way you treated us in class."
"This must remain our little secret Kaaren, Just between you and me....please", the teacher pleaded as he tottered about on his high heels trying to get used to walking in them.
"Sure Mr.E!" grinned the young sissy, "Just you and me and the Varsity Basketball team from St. Dunstan's! I told them my older sister and I would meet them in the locker room!"
"Kaaren, please.....I can't!!!!"
"Sure you can Mr.E! They have lovely big cocks and they love to have a sissy suck on them!"
"Kaaren." he said in a whisper, "You'll never tell...will you?"
"Oh Mr. E why would I tell stories about one of the best teachers I've ever had? But tonight I'm the teacher! You watch me and do what I do, OK?"
He nodded and they left together smiling....

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