Sunday, March 29, 2015

One Year Plus

The last time was March 23, 2014!!! She removed my cage today!!! She said it would be off for a while!!! She said my year of chastity had been the ultimate test of my commitment to our love, to our life, to our relationship!!!
She told me I had earned the sweet pleasure of release! She told me to indulge myself! She told me to lie back and we should get the first one out of the way! Did I want it fast or slow!!!!
"Fast....please god...I'm almost ready and you haven't even touched me yet!!!"
"Fast then!!!"
And it was fast...the pleasure was intense but somehow not as much as I had dreamed! I think my time caged had made me build up my expectations! Don't get me was wonderful...truly wonderful...but somehow in my mind and my year of almost constant arousal I had thought it would be more....I don't know....not trying to make a pun it just seemed anticlimactic!!!
But I'm just a silly sissy who just came for the first time in more than a year so my thoughts may be a little scattered!!!


  1. Kaaren,

    If that was your cum flying, I'd be ther, mouth open, to catch every single drop. I'd even lick you clean of any drops that didn't fly.


    1. Sorry Joe but the house rule here is that I'm in charge of licking up all the cum here, my own or anyone else's!!!

  2. Damn, always a bridesmaid.................