Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cleaning Up

The young attorney loved to come into the office on Saturday! He would go to the locked closet in his office and soon he would be the very picture of a beautiful Sissy Maid!!! While the partners and associates slept in he would be mincing down the hallways and waiting!
When the cleaning crew first discovered his secret months ago it had been awkward and tense as he worried about exposure! But he found that Juan, Pablo and Maria were more than happy to accept a little personal service in payment for their silence!!!
Now on Saturdays, for a few hours, the young attorney got to be the woman he dreamed he could be and the cleaning crew was happier than ever with a couple of extra dollars and and the satisfaction of a "job" well done!!!!!


  1. Mmmmm. I wouldn't mind working at that law firm....

    1. Sweetie I saw those pretty legs and I thought of you1 The rest just kind of wrote itself!!!!