Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Honestly Kaaren

"Honestly Kaaren could you stop staring at my boobs for just a minute and listen to what I'm saying?"
"I'm sorry Sweetheart...I really wasn't looking at your boobs..."
"Really! Don't you like my breasts? What a terrible thing to say!"
"No I didn't mean it that way! I meant that I was looking at the key..I'm sorry!"
"Well I'm glad we decided to wait till the weekend to release you! That will give you a couple of days to prove you love my boobs!"
"Wait when did we decide to wait till the weekend!!!???"
"You see you really weren't listening!!! Oh my Sissy, staring at my boobs and not listening to me....normally I'd add a week to your chastity for that, but you've been my good girl for a whole year and I just want to wait for the weekend to reward you properly!!!"
"Oh god...oh yes....thank you...it's just another couple of days...."
"But behave Sissy....you could still earn a punishment!!!!
"Oh god ...I'll be good...I promise...."
"That's my special girl!!!"


  1. being a sissy can be so confusing sometimes, unless you remember this rule - She is in charge.

  2. What a lovely pic, and dialog! Yes, we bimbettes can get soo confused! sara e