Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How Long

"How long has it been Sissy? A month? Six Weeks?"
"Eleven months and nine days Sweetheart, please...I'm starting to think you're never going to let me cum again!"
"Don't be silly Sissy, of course I'm going to let you cum again! In fact if you want me to release you right now I will!"
"Really I can...."
"Of course you're so close to going a full year! Wouldn't that be amazing Sissy? Wouldn't that be a wonderful display of your devotion to me...of your love for me...that you would give up orgasms for a full year to show me how much you love me! But I guess it would be okay if you really can't wait just a little bit longer...I guess I would understand...I guess that would be something we could always you nearly made we got so close but couldn't last....but I don't want you to think I'm being cruel so if you say the word I'll get the key and you can cum all you want! I'll go watch a movie or something, it's entirely in your hands now Sissy, what will it be?"
Oh my god....I felt the tears running down my face...I hope it's not ruining my makeup!
"Sweetheart, please...let's wait a little longer...let me prove how much you mean to me!"
"I'm very glad Sissy! I think you made the right choice! Now stop those tears...I want your face between my legs...I know that always cheers you up!"
"You're right Sweetheart! You're always right!"

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