Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another Inch

"Just another inch to go baby! Just another inch and that cock will be on your lips! You know it's what I want!!! You know it's what you want!!! Just another inch to go and you'll become my sissy cocksucker! Don't disappoint me! I want to see you with a cock in your mouth! You want to have a cock in your mouth! Suck him for me! Suck him for you! Just suck him Sissy!!!!"
"Just another inch to go baby!!!!"


  1. The first time? I remember it well. That inch? That inch seems like a lifetime it is so far away. It is more than just an inch. It is an acknowledgement of your nature and what you have known about yourself forever,but could not admit for so many complicated reasons. But yeah, go on and move just an inch, or six, closer. You will be glad you did sissy.

    1. I know, all the fantasy in the world doesn't compare to that moment your lips are about to close around him! It really is a defining moment in your life!!!