Wednesday, October 16, 2013


My wife had landed the big contract her firm had been pursuing for months and as a part of her reward they had a small party in her honor.
This was the first time I'd been introduced to the newest VP.
As he told me how much they counted on her and what an asset she was to the company he casually slipped his arm around her and cupped her breast. Stroking her cleavage,  he looked me directly in the eye. He laughed and gave her a squeeze and gave me a wink "Hope to see you again soon.".
He stepped away laughing as I blushed bright red.


  1. Moments such as these are, unquestionably, the most difficult and most intensely erotic moments for a sissy cuckold to endure.

    1. This is an event that actually happened to me some rime ago and my emotions were everything from anger to lust. He had in essence taken my woman from me while laughing in my face.
      Later my wife tried to soothe me by making me laugh about how I looked at that moment and that helped a little but it took me some time to sort out my feelings about it.