Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Message From Google+

Got this just before they deleted the content from my profile page:

Dear Sissy Kaaren,
You've recently been violating the Google+ User Content and Conduct policies.
Pornography or sexually explicit content are not allowed in your profile, posts, comments, photos, or anywhere else on Google+.
Please review our policies to avoid violating them in the future.
If you continue to violate our policies, you may lose the ability to use some or all features of Google+ and other Google services. Learn more
We're all in this together. Let's make Google+ a place where we all want to hang out.
The Google+ team.


  1. Do you think the message was real? We have never thought of your posts as pornographic. We hope you do not have to alter your posts. Hugs - Mistress Barbara and sissy maid kay

    1. Oh yes it's real and I hope nothing comes of it. I switched away from Google+ but I hope it's enough. Thank you very much for your support

  2. The google censorship police.....thats sucks!!