Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sissy Training - Decisions

She would eventually have to decide, one way or another, about the facial hair.
She liked the idea that it immediately identified him as a sissy.....no one could possibly mistake him for a real woman, not even from a distance!
And the little hairs tickled her between her thighs when he spent his time worshiping her!!!!
But on the other hand it allowed him to cling to the illusion that he was still a man....an illusion that she would need to erase from his mind if he was to fully become the sissy he was born to be!!!
And she was thinking of dying his hair blond too and well, it just wouldn't look right.
She had some friends coming over later and she'd let them vote on it before she made her decision.
As for him....he doesn't get to make decisions anymore!!!!

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