Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday ManCandy

Even on vacation you're an early riser!!!! No need to make breakfast....the resort provides a lavish breakfast need to clean....the resort provides adorable maids to take care of is Sissy  going to work off all that energy?
Down to the pool!!!! Ten or twenty laps ought to take care of it!!!!!
You do twelve laps and you start to tire out and in the middle of the thirteenth you just can't do any more!!!! Luckily the lifeguard pulls you out and immediately recognizes your problem!!!! You need to have some protein and you need it fast!!!! Luckily he's been fully trained for just this situation and as you feel the strength returning you thank him.....he smiles and thanks you but you can't imagine why!!!
ManCandy!!!! Sometimes it's all that you need to keep you afloat!!!!

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