Sunday, July 31, 2016


"Stop your whining Sissy.....what did I promise you?"
"You said if I was a good girl all week you'd let me fuck you....and I've been good ....I've been as good a girl as I can be....."
"Yes've been a very good girl for me all week.....and that's why I'm keeping my promise....I want you to fuck me all night long Sissy!!!!"
"But like this I can't feel it....I won't cum....."
"And when did I say you would cum Sissy?"
"Well I assumed...."
"Well I guess you assumed wrong Sissy!!!! Now get busy....give me that big hard cock!!!!"
She started laughing.....
"I'm sorry.....I never thought I'd ever say that to you Sissy......"
She gasped as I pushed the big blue cock into her....


  1. Oh Kaaren, I ADORE this. Sooooo cruel. Love it

  2. hee hee... O how cruel :) s

  3. ROFL,, Like I say always read the fine print,,, in this case it should have been make sure of all the details.