Sunday, July 17, 2016

Keep Your Eyes Open

It was so hot...he pulled my hair, god I loved that, I looked up.....
"You kneel right there Sissy....stay right there while I fuck your wife....I want you to keep your eyes open as I make her my whore.....I'm going to fuck her all night Sissy.....and I want you to watch me use her.....then....when I'm done....when I've used all her holes....then I want to watch you cleaning my cum.....licking her clean......swallowing it all...."
He kept talking but I wasn't really listening anymore....I just wanted him to get on with it!!!!!


  1. That made me smile. The meaner he is, the more the sissy likes it. After he leaves, the wife and cuckold can have a nice chat about him.

  2. Sometimes the Master acts so mean and continues on and on about what he wants and I am like just shut the hell up and get on with it I know what I am here to do, lol.