Thursday, June 2, 2016


She heard their soft chuckles and whispers...old maid they said! Why would anyone want a mousy little librarian like her! They thought she would go home to her cat and a dinner for one for the rest of her life!!!
She always smiled and declined when her co-workers offered to set her up with a date and that only furthered their laughter and whispers!!!!
They didn't know that when she got home her sissy maid was waiting to worship her....they didn't know that when she took off her dress her tiny black lingerie drove her sissy wild!!!!
They didn't know about her strap-on that she fucked her sissy with....long and's base against her clit making her cum....over and over.....they didn't know that her sissy's tongue would lick up all her juices and make her cum again....and again!!!!!
They didn't know that her sissy would wake her in the morning with breakfast in bed and a lovely slow orgasm and  after....would wash her and help her dress!!!!
That was why she had that sly little smile all day despite the chuckles and whispers!!!!

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