Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Whats on TV Today

The Brady Bunch Lost Episodes

"Now Greg, we know you've been stealing Marsha's panties....we found them under your mattress....we just want to know why..."
"You know Greg those are my favorite's not nice to steal!!!"
"She's right Greg!!! I can't imagine why you would steal your sister's underwear."
"Really...look at her....I'm a teenager for god's sake!!!!"
"Alright Greg! Calm down! Why don't you kids go upstairs and let us talk this over."
"Yes Sir"
As they went up the stairs Marsha stopped....she knew Greg could see her panties under  her short polyester dress....
"Greg...why don't you come to my room and show me which of my panties you like best?"
"Then you can put them on and it'll be our secret....won't that be fun!!!!!"
"Oh yes!!!!!"


  1. Ooh! This is brilliant! :) sara

    1. My friends always wanted Marsha....I always wanted to be Marsha!!!!