Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Is That What I Think It Is?

"Is that what I think it us Billy?"
"I....I Can't help it Auntie....it just happens!!!!"
"No Billy....it doesn't "just happen" in my house....for gods sake Billy what if your young cousins saw this....they might have found it arousing ...even as small as it is...they might have started rubbing themselves through their soft silky undies...they might have put their fingers inside themselves and rubbed their sweet little nubbins until they had a shameful cum...spilling their precious juices into their panties...their pretty satin and lace panties....is that what you wanted Billy?"
"Oh Auntie I can't help it!!!"
"Over my knee right now young man....and if you make any squirties you'll lick up every drop!!!! Do you understand?!?!?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

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