Saturday, June 25, 2016

Can I Help You

"Can I help you Ma'am?"
"You seem to be searching for something in particular....perhaps I could guide you to it?"
"I'm looking for the panties my wife told me to buy....they were here yesterday...if I come home without them she's going to spank the hell out if me!!!!!"
"Oh I see...can you tell me what they look like Ma'am......Sir?"
"They were pink with lots of ruffles....please leave me alone...I have to find them...."
She went back to the counter and called the number on the card she had left...
"Yes he's here now...."
"Yes I have them behind the counter..."
"I should make him do what?!?!?!"
"Is he good at that ?"
"The best!!!! Really!!! Well I have to try that....and you're sure he'll do that if I sell him the panties?"
"Okay thank you...."
"Yes I promise I won't allow him to clean up juice will be all over his pretty face when he comes home!"


  1. OMG Kaaren, that would be so embarrassing hot. I mean my face would be burning from being so red, lol.

  2. hee hee... just so embarrassing being helped while panty shopping :) s