Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Handyman

He came in the morning and he fixed the leaking faucet and he patched the hole in the wall she made with her heels and he took care of that loose bed frame in our....her bedroom!
All the while he was so nice to me...
He called me Miss....
He told me how pretty I was.....
He treated me like a girl wants to be treated....
Add to that that he was adorable....
I lust after men almost all the time but I rarely kiss them....that makes that tiny tiny bit of male ego I still have rebel and say no!!!
But when has asked me for a kiss I kissed him! I thoroughly kissed him! And damned if he didn't feel me up while I did it!!!
Maybe if we needed his services again I'd let him know that I have some services to offer too!!!!


  1. When he felt you up he didn't miss what was between your legs. And he didn't mind. You really MUST have him back to check... well... something that might be broken.

    1. He knew full well what was under my skirt Throne!!! This little episode is taken from real life!!!! He was just sexy as hell and I felt like a real girl in his arms!!!!