Saturday, September 13, 2014

Can We Talk Sweetheart?

She was so serious when she came home...something was on her mind! I gave her space, she would tell me when she was ready.
There were no games tonight. No spanking, no sex, no fooling around....I was starting to worry!
My efforts to show her love were either ignored or gently rebuffed...
At bedtime I slipped on pajamas because it had been a little chilly tonight, outside and inside!
As we got into bed she looked at me...her eyes were so beautiful...and she asked if we could talk.
My heart began racing as thoughts flooded through me....she's found another man...she's tired of being married to a sissy....she doesn't want me anymore.....
"Sure we can talk sweetheart, what 's on your mind?"
"Kaaren" she said without looking at me, "I'm sorry!"
My heart stopped! This was it! She was leaving me!!!
"For what Sweetheart?" I choked out.
"I was so busy with work Kaaren, you know this new job is very demanding! I was so busy that I completely forgot our anniversary!" she turned to me with tears in her eyes!
Oh my god! Our anniversary!!! I forgot it too!!!
I pulled her into my arms as I started crying in relief!
I told her it didn't matter! Nothing mattered as long as we were together! As long as she stayed with me!
She laughed and assured me that we were together forever then we had a good cry together and then we had a little time together and....I don't often say this...that part is private!


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    1. I can be a little insecure sometimes...I think as a sissy cuck you probably understand...