Saturday, September 20, 2014


"So tell, was your Honeymoon all you hoped for?"
"Like you said! After I put the chastity cage on him he became so easy to control!!!"
"And did you....?"
 "Sample the staff....oh my god yes! You weren't kidding! Huge and very willing! I'm so glad you recommended the place!"
"And did he....?"
"Like you said! If I said I might allow him to cum he licked up every drop!!!"
"I'm so glad for you! We've been so happy in our marriage once he understood that I was in control!"
"Would you do me a favor?
"Anything honey, what do uou need?"
"Would you hold the key? At least for a while...I might give in to his begging!"
"Absolutely! Tell him he not only has to convince you to release him, he has to convince me too! And tell him I've heard it all so he better be really convincing!!!!!"
"Great let's drink to it!"

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