Saturday, September 20, 2014


After he came we dissolved into giggles!` She had been making faces at me and I had done the same to fer!  This cock between us wasn't what we were thinking about we were thinking about each other! The cock was just a bonus!
The young man was oblivious as she scooped up his sweet cum and fed it to me! Coating my lips, she kissed me and I can honestly say I forgot he was there!!!!


  1. Decisions, decisions, decisions??? Do I want the load to land on your face Kaaren or mine? If it lands on me that is so submissive and shows whose the Alpha male. Also you could then wipe it up and feed it to me!

    If it lands on your face, you and He can order me to,lick it off, and laugh at me as I'm doing it! Oh what to do???

  2. Kaaren, I just came back to this photo to see if anyone else made comments and I saw something I didn't see 2 days ago..........the sexy feet way in the background.

    Oh Buy, if that were you and Leeanne in the photo, I could kneel at the foot of the bed and suck 20 of the sweetest toes on Gods green Earth! Yummy!