Saturday, September 27, 2014


"And what did your wife say when she dropped you off here?"
"I don't remember..."
A sharp smack landed on my already sore ass!
"What did she say?"
"I should be a good sissy and do what you say!"
"That you're in charge till she comes for me later!"
"Well Sissy as you can tell I run a strict house! I was hired to babysit you while your wife goes out with her date! In this house babies are fed, diapered and in their cribs by 7:30!"
"But I..."
"No buts Sissy! If you'd like to go over my knee again we can do that! I assure you my arm isn't tired!"
"On to the bed then Sissy! A nice dry diaper and then into the crib! I've got a nice bottle of warm milk for you."
With my cheeks blazing red I moved to the bed....

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