Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday ManCandy

Tough weekend? Out all night? Not enough sleep? Well like it or not, here comes Monday!
When you can't stay in bed but you can't face the day what can you do?!?!?!?
It looks like you're going to need some ManCandy to get you started! And in your case it's going to require a double dose! As you feel that warm, creamy treat slip down into your tummy  you'll feel that energy boost that you need! Soon everyone will wonder how you do it!
ManCandy, it's not a secret! Tell all your friends how you started the day with a mouthful!!!


  1. After a long tough weekend, sometimes it's good to wake up to a "hard" Monday morning? I never new about the rejuvenating effects of man (or TS) candy! I new it's good for your skin but I had no idea about the energy surge it delivers???

    I guess I really have to look more for TS ladies!

    1. It's all good Joe! 5 hour energy? Ha I want to go all day and the best part is that the dispenser automatically refills!

  2. I love the dispenser, I just want it attached to a hot babe like you or Leeanne!