Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Her New Position

Her new job gives her a lot of power in the company! I'm still not sure I even understand what she does but I do know that she does it very well! She has risen through the ranks and recently was made a vice president with massive responsibilities while I keep her house tidy and try my best to make her happy!
She complains bitterly about the corporate back-stabbing and duplicity but what bothers her the most are the ass kissing toadies looking to gain her favor!
When she comes home to me she wants to unwind, relax and have her ass kissed by someone who really knows how!!!


  1. Kaaren, I have to say I really like the tramp stamp! I'm not normally a tattoo guy but, a sissy with a tramp stamp is so appropriate. If you think about is there a better way to show your sissy, submissive side, than to get some "girlie" tattoo applied right above your available asshole?

    Even if it's one of the henna type tattoos that Mistress applies just before taking you on a beach vacation. Oh the fun she could have with you, and all the men!!!

  2. I can see you take your job quite seriously sweet girl...