Tuesday, December 3, 2013

She Pulled Me In

She pulled me into her lap, I felt her soft stockings against my skin and I felt her hard cock pressed against me. Her kisses were deep and we explored each others mouths, our tongues entwining and dueling for dominance. Her hand slipped around my hard cock, uncaged and rampant, bigger than it's ever been, throbbing as she slowly stroked me.
"Kaaren I've wanted this for months," she breathlessly said as she stroked me.
My response was silenced by her lips on mine again, the taste of her was intoxicating and I felt like I could give myself to my sissy lover completely, body and soul, if she would only make me cum as she stroked me! It was actually beginning to hurt and I wanted her to make me cum so badly.
"Please, please let me cum..." I whispered
Her stroking became more insistant but there was something wrong, somehow there was a light shining in my eyes, blinding me, making her so hard to see, making her fade.
It was a beautiful sunrise that stole my beautiful dream...

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