Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Make Sure You Shave Everywhere - Sissy Training

Male sure you shave everywhere, there's nothing worse than a hairy body in pretty lingerie!


  1. I agree completely :) Though I find body hair unsightly in general and worse still when it falls here and there around the place as it falls out of your skin eventually.

    Now obviously I am doing a whole lot wrong, but shaving causes irritation on my skin as well as ingrown hair. Which is why I am trying laser hair removal. When done it should in theory last indefinitely. So no more shaving or waxing ever again and thus far I have yet to see my skin react in the same way as it does traditionally.

    I would recommend it for everyone if it was not for the steep price. Then again to some it might be chicken feed lol.

    Have a lovely day, Kaaren. Thank you for posting such great posts. Always fun to read and sometimes educational :)


    1. Thanks Jeanette for the feedback, I'm more of an old-fashioned girl and still shave here and there, sometimes she helps with those hard to reach places!
      She took me for a bikini wax once and the Korean ladies all had some fun at my expense, Humiliating but really fun too!