Thursday, December 12, 2013

Quick Kaaren

I felt the cock first! Then a nylon covered leg against mine but that cock was...right know what I mean...
She whispered "Quick Kaaren bend over and let me take you!"
"I don;t even know you!"
"You do know me and we don't have much time...please Kaaren I want to fuck you so badly..."
"You can't just show up with a hard cock and expect me to give you anything you want..."
"Oh My God Kaaren if you don't let me fuck you right this second you're going to regret it the rest of the day!!!"
"Well it seems like a nice cock but I don't just fuck on demand you know...I mean who are you anyway?
"You know who I am Kaaren! Just turm around and look."
As I turned I heard a voice, becoming more insistent, and as I recognized my sissy lover her voice was replaced by my wife telling me it was time to wake.
As my dream sissy slipped away I could swear she said "I told you to Hurry!"

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