Tuesday, December 17, 2013

No More Google+ For You Kaaren

Got this today from the Thought Police over at Google+:Although the only things I've posted have been shared privately I guess it wasn't private enough!
Imagine Google being shocked about adult content, Google is the PornFinder General! Type in any weird perversion and you'll get plenty of results....I tried "Hot Giraffe Sex" and got dozens of hits!
To all who know me from Google+ I'll still be around posting on my silly little blog here I hope you join me

Dear Sissy Kaaren,
You may no longer use Google+ because you have repeatedly violated our User Content and Conduct Policy.
Pornography or sexually explicit posts are not allowed on Google+.
If you have content on Google+ that you want to keep, you have about two months to export it using Google Takeout. The content is visible only to you. After that time your content will be deleted and you will no longer be able to get a copy. Learn more
This will not affect other Google services that do not require an active Google+ profile, such as Gmail.
The Google+ team.

You're been very bad Kaaren!
Oh please Google+ I promise to be a good girl


  1. Many sorrows, as far as google plus goes. Someone kept plus'ing my posts a few months back n I literally had to get a whole new account. Google police are brutal. You don't even have to do anything wrong.

    I feel ya girl n so love the blog. Tumblr is getting bad as well.

    1. Blogs were around before Google+ and I'll still be here, please don't forget to check in!

  2. I'm sorry to see the Thought Police got you Kaaren. We'll miss you, but your blog is hard-wired into my brain, so I'll just have to catch up with you here instead.

    Big hugs,

    P.s. I wonder if the Google Police wear cute uniforms?

    1. No need to miss me sweetie I'll be here doing what I do, same exact stuff as what was on Google+. Please add me to the blogs you follow so people will remember I'm here!

      PS I tend to picture the Google police more like the Men in Black! Be careful on your own account you never know who's watching!

  3. Replies
    1. If you're worried about me, as far as I'm concerned I'll be around for the foreseeable future, I don't know if you use Google+ but all I ever really put there was the same content that I put here!
      Worst case I set up a new blog and start all over again!

  4. i do not use Google+ very much or at all. i do spend time on Blogger and Tumblr. i hope we all remain friends with access to each other.

    1. I appreciate your frequent feedback and it's always nice to have friends. As I said to the adorable Leeanne in the post above, the worst possible scenario would have me setting up a new account and starting my silly little blog all over again!