Sunday, December 8, 2013

After A Year Of Marriage

After a year of marriage she had finally reached the point where she could take no more! She told her husband that although she enjoyed his company and she had fun dressing him up and dominating him, she needed more than his tiny little dicklet could provide for her! She needed a cock she could feel, she wanted a man to fill her up and make her scream in pleasure! He had meekly agreed to become her cuckold!
Her first date was with a man she had met at work and he invited her to a lovely restaurant, during dinner conversation he asked why she was stepping out on her husband. Laughing she responded by holding her thumb and index finger just a couple of inches apart. He joined her in laughing and then smiling he held up his two index fingers and drew them almost ten inches apart!
She gasped and her reaction surprised them both....and the other diners too!

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