Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The First Time

The first time I did this I made it seem like an accident...like my tongue had strayed too far south...like I didn't realize what I was doing...
Her immediate reaction was to stiffen and use her hands to guide my probing tongue back to her pussy!!!!
But I let it happen again and when she reached down to guide me away I resisted and doubled my efforts!!!!
"No!" she gasped as I played my tongue over her forbidden hole....but her hands weren't pushing me away any more...now they were pulling me closer!!!!
She had a pretty spectacular orgasm with my tongue teasing her ass....she loved it....she absolutely loved it....I never saw her cum like that before....
And then she broke up with me....she told me she couldn't bring herself to kiss me after she thought of where my tongue had been!!!!!
It was her loss as far as I was concerned....

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