Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Please Stop

"Do you want me to keep stroking you Sissy?
"Oh my stop!!!"
"You want me to stop Sissy? Aren't you enjoying it?"
"Yes I love it...."
"Then why should I stop Sissy?"
"Because of the rule....I'm not allowed to cum like this!!!"
"Oh no Sissy? Well then how are you allowed to cum Sissy?"
"I'm only allowed to have sissy cummies with your cock inside my sissy pussy!!!!!"
"That's right're absolutely do you want to cum you want to squirt that sissy cream?"
"Oh god yes!!!! Please I'm so close!!!!"
"Do you want to bend over like a slut and let me fuck you hard Sissy???"
"Oh please.....please....."
"I don't think so this time why don't you go take a nice cold shower and after we get you back into your little cage you can come and suck my cock for a little while....wouldn't you like that?"
"I....oh....I....yes Ma'am!"

1 comment:

  1. Nice reinforcement of who is in command and what must be done for a sissy cum