Thursday, April 20, 2017

Release Day

She didn't give me any sign that today would be a release day...
She removed my cage so that I could shower and clean up all the assorted drips and drops from the past few days.....she supervised of course....nothing unusual there....I know the rules...
She laid out pretty pink lingerie for me to put on....again nothing unusual there...
When I presented myself for her to put the cage back on she laughed and told me to lie on the bed.....that was very unusual!!!!!
Without saying a word she pulled my panties aside and took my little clit in her warm wet mouth....the feeling was indescribable.....I haven't been inside anyone's anything for ages and the soft hot tongue touching me was all too much for me....I was immediately in sensory overdrive and almost immediately began to cum in her mouth!!!!
I haven't had release in months and months so when I came it was a lot!!!! She never released me from her lips and she swallowed it all....she kneeled back and smiled at me...
"Did you like that Sissy?"
"Oh god yes....thank you, thank you, thank you...."
"Your cum still tastes sweet Sissy...just like when I sucked you that first you remember"
"Do I was wonderful!!!! "
"You only lasted about ten seconds then Sissy...."
"Yes I remember..."
"You only lasted a few seconds longer this time Sissy..."
"Yes I know..."
She laughed and kissed me....hard.....and I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue...
"Maybe in a few months you'll improve..."
"Maybe...I hope so...."
She laughed again....
"Get the cage Sissy....let's get you safe and secured before I lose my mind and give you another 12 seconds!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"


  1. That's how I am. After months of no orgasms when my wife finally gives me release it only lasts a few seconds but it feels good and I am very thankful.

  2. I love reading about your relationship with your wife. even though there's a lot of humiliation in your scenes, it's never done with spite, and you can tell you're both really in love with your lifestyle, and with each other.

    would love to learn more of the back story.


  3. mmm, what a great story and day! Wife always makes me wonder, too.. but i never get sucked! ~sara

    1. Hi Sara Sweetie...What can I say....she surprised the hell out of me....I haven't had release inside of anything for years....usually a couple of two fingered strokes and I'm done but when we were younger I used to enjoy this with her fairly frequently...before chastity and our new relationship developed....before chastity....before becoming her cuckold sissy!!!
      Those stories will be told one of these days!!!!