Monday, April 17, 2017

A Good Start

 "Why don't you go into my bedroom and take off all those clothes Baby!"
"Are you coming too?"
"Soon Baby.....once you're naked I want you to open the top drawer in the tall dresser and pick out a pretty pair of my panties!!!"
"Then put them on...because with that useless tiny thing you'd make a much better girlfriend than trying to be my boyfriend!!!"
"Put them want me to wear your panties???"
Yes's a good start!!!!"


  1. The day after our honeymoon, I went to get dressed for work. All my underwear were replaced with panties. There was a note that read "wear these sissy girl."
    They were pink lace thongs. I put them on and my crotch became very smooth. I liked them and now all I have are panties, all colors and all styles. She has no use for my micropenis. I'm now her sissy girl.

    1. We're a couple of lucky girls Sweetie!!!